Kerala State Civil Service Academy

Kerala State Civil Service Academy was established by the Government of Kerala in February 2005 under the aegis of Centre for Continuing Education Kerala (CCEK) with the specific objective of giving intensive coaching to the young men and women who aspire for top posts in the country’s civil services.

Why this institute?
Kerala had a strong representation in the country’s civil services till a few years ago, but not so now. Various factors are responsible for this depressing situation. Lack of proper orientation to the civil services examination and inadequate guidance are perhaps the most important of these. When one takes stock of the available coaching facilities in our State, one notices that there is a wide gap between what is expected and what is delivered. Kerala State Civil Service Academy attempts to bridge this gulf.

Duration of the Prelims Course
The coaching programme is imparted in three streams, as
1. Regular Batch-1
2. Weekend Batch
3. Regular Batch-2

Main Exam Coaching Programme
Classes for the Main Examination begin on June 9, 2010, after the preliminary Examination is over. The duration of the programme is four months—from June to the end of September 30. Instruction will be offered on all major Main subjects. The answers and assignments prepared by the students of the Academy will be evaluated by experts in these institutes and Junior level IAS/IPS officers. Since the Academy is equipped with videoconferencing facilities, the subject experts in Delhi will be invited to interact with our civil service aspirants. This interaction, it is hoped, will go a long way in boosting the morale of our students.

Civil Service Adoption Programme
In pursuance of the State Governments’ policy of providing free interview-based coaching to those Malayalees who pass the Civil Services Mains Examination, Kerala State Civil Service Academy adopts all Malayalee candidates and give them interview-based training of very high quality. All expenses including their journey to and stay at Delhi in connection with their interview are met by the Centre.

Salient Features of Kerala State Civil Service Academy
• As an autonomous body, we dare to modify, if not replace, conventional modes    of instruction with current and futuristic principles and practices. We have a    holistic approach to Civil Service coaching programme.
• Ours is the first and the only institute in the State of Kerala that has    videoconferencing facilities. Our students can interact with the academic giants    in the field of Civil Services Examination coaching.
24-hr, unlimited free Internet facilities.
• Personality development classes.
• Renowned and efficient administrators sharing their experience.
• Exam-oriented coaching, giving more impetus to practice test.
• Properly planned programmes with special revision modules.
• Regular feedback and monitoring of students to develop a thorough work-culture.
• Regular test papers with score cards and progress charts to assess the student’s performance.